New year’s High!


I write this with Marianne Williamson’s poem in mind specifically the first two lines that embody the gist of it.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”

 With the New Year upon us again hope and goals filled in most conversations these days. I find myself pondering what causes us to lose sight of what our plans are and whether euphoria is simply a part of welcoming a new year. Since the penultimate month of 2011 I began auditing the year’s progress and how close I had come to achieving my goals. Beyond the usual wish wash of going to gym, eating healthy and traveling that is. The results were disturbing dismal actually. This called for deeper analysis and self critique.

I realised that firstly off the cuff I didn’t even remember what all my goals were so what exactly I was beating myself up for, I had no idea ? The ones that stood out were actually somewhat achieved. Well as far as possible with unclear goals having been set to begin with that is. My cavalier approach to my own life was quite worrisome. I think I’m smart and good at planning yet I let life happen to me instead of me happening to my life! This has to stop luckily I haven’t managed to completely destroy my life thus far, so now I can strive to live the life that I want. Even though I am still figuring out most of it, which is fine but closer attention must be paid to the paint used in the canvas that is my life. Which simply must to be a work of art!

So where to form here? Spending time documenting what my goals are would have to be first, differentiating between short and long term goals and establishing how I am going to do what I plan to do. I am so serious about this I’m taking this to another level yes you thought it I am putting it all on excel. With as many fields as possible. There will even be a column named Reality check where I assess if in fact the goal set and steps to achieve it are realistic uh huh! It must be done. Colours and everything I am going big because I am certainly not going home.

2012 say my name!



  1. I love it!!!!! Yes, I’ve also been wonbdering what happens to all the goals I set @ the beginning of the year… I’ve decided to set fewer, more significant goals.


  2. The questions asked above are thought provoking and profound. I will keep the words in mind as I move through 2012. We are indeed fearful of our capabilities ,but, with dedication and motivation we soon find ourselves moving towards our desired objective, but, not without considerable effort.

    Cheers to the New Year


    1. hahaha…….see thats the spirit I want to keep the whole year.

      So now if we dont’s keep some sort of inventory of us getting closer to the end goal,can we trust that we will somer get there? I dont know I’m going with my spreadsheet this year.


  3. thought provoking and interesting, lest we stop to dream then we die…it is through dreaming that our goals are born…aspirations seduced, keep that spread sheet girl, it is one of the most strategic steps you’ve taken for the year…just some penny advise from me…also try doing 5 year plans and evaluate each year the road you have thus travelled


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