How do we define ourselves?

A thought comes to mind and I toil with it until alas I write about it. I wondered how I define myself, and further more how would I like to be remembered? My thoughts then strayed to whether I defined myself according to my own understanding of who Enhle is what I am capable of and what I aspire to achieve? I then spiralled into a frenzy of asking all close friends how they defined themselves. This was most interesting the responses I got ranged from people sounding as though they were in an interview others I wondered if they knew themselves at all, best was you define yourself lets hear it!!!

 My beloved friends’ thank you for answering my question you most certainly keep me sane or drive me insane either way you’re too awesome.

I heard things like “I’m fun, passionate and empathetic” and I’m loving, ambitious and committed” committed to what though? Perhaps I should have asked

“how do you see and understand the force that is you?”

How I see myself is as a champion of my time propelled by forces unique to me, a collaboration of awesome roots that render me…me. The particular way I choose to define myself posses’ elements of who I am and who I aspire to be.  A personification of my being deeper than the car I drive the clothes I wear… get that senseless drift. Anyhow this was a thought I thought to share. From my mini survey some confessed they had actually never paid much mind to this and would subsequently be embarking on serious introspection.

My point being in order to achieve the best of what I am meant to or be the best version of me I can be. I need to construct a bigger picture of myself , for myself in order to know what the goal post is. The beauty of it all being I have full patent on this subject to limitations of natural capabilities, dreams and realistically all external factors that are also at play. Unfortunately we don’t live in our heads which would be awesome because I reckon that’s the safest place on earth well if you’re a happy self loving person that is. As for how I would like to be remembered who cares really?  I’ll be dead and I’m not sure  it’s a progressive state of mind to place too much emphasis to what others think of you especially when your dead! *one eyebrow raised*

I’m by no means advocating anyone should live recklessly because were going to die anyhow, just live well for yourself and most importantly define yourself by who you are now and who you know your destined to be and aspire to be.


Definition in progress



  1. I saw a lovely lady recite her poem in the second TMALI innauguration and thought silently to myself, “Africa speaks through that beautiful heart”.

    Now that you define yourself so vividly, leaving the image of you, imprinted on my very mind, I am totally convinced with no shadow of doubt, Africa speaks through that beautiful heart of yours.


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