Question: How do we teach each other to live with each other?

I find myself perplexed by relationships, relationships in general. We make new friends all the time, meet new colleagues, become familiar with new acquaintances and lovers and so on and so. Whilst these relationships seemingly develop and progress naturally, I’m momentarily intrigued by the how of it all? How really are personalities meshed into a “relationship” or co-existence?  So I figure relationships develop by means of learning about each other consciously or unconsciously.

Whilst growing up you’re prepared to deal with the world and all the personalities in it. From parents encouraging you to be more accommodating of people different to you to cautioning against the dangerous species of mankind that could possibly harm you.  However I don’t recall any specifics being provided to this formula. I fear I am not adequately equipped to apply it. How do we simultaneously learn who and what the other person is whilst teaching them who and what you are about? When your differences become apparent which unspoken diplomatic manner is to be exercised in reconciling them?

How do you impart who you are whilst not imposing your personality on the next person? and vice versa  In all honesty this post stems from self-introspection on my interactions with those around me often I am concerned about being understood however couldn’t earnestly attest to being opened mined enough to truly getting to know other people. I found I categorised people and ran with what this specific classification meant to me and didn’t really bother to amend this understanding even when I learnt new information about a particular persons nature or character ,granted one can’t walk around auditing and editing their understanding of every person they come across.

Help me where you can with these questions, this could even be a cry for help

How far do we accommodate and to what extent do we guard ourselves form being hurt?



  1. Bravo, I am totally perplexed when it comes to relationships and “co-existance” such a delicate balance. I am working on a minimum numbers formula, I have no further details than that. This topic hunts me, as for personality I have completely isolated that part of me.


    1. I guess Mak as we go along we will learn how to best interact with others in the comfort of our own skin whilst respecting those we are exposed to.

      But the maintaining of some relationships proveS to be ectremly difficult, but others are so easy you just wish all relationships flowed like that.Yeah but then that would be seriously boring 😉


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