Fat piece of humble pie

So once upon a last week I managed to indulge in what I can only describe as a decadent slice of humble pie. All was well and I was gallantly trotting on the high horse which I recently discovered I rode. Long story short an argument ensued sparked by an unexpected outburst from me because of an issue that had been festering in me for some time. Unfortunately I can’t divulge the full details of this argument as I wasn’t the only party involved.

Okay back to the story…so during this quarrel I was feeling strong arms flinging in the air, random punch line after random punch line. Contorted facial expressions whilst straitening a throw on the couch and patting scatter cushions to a point of beating them to a pulp.  Eventually the argument ended and trouble exited paradise. Then there came a time of reflection and I was gobsmacked, I could not believe myself I even tried to re-think the course of events because I was convinced my thoughts were over the top and just down right scary, I mean with my imagination anything is possible. Who was that in that fight? it couldn’t have been me shooo…..*claps hands once*. But it was and now I could not stop thinking about it.

I was overcome by a saddening cloud of disappointment in myself. The glass had cracked and through the shattered pieces I now found myself forced to gather the strength to stand up and out of. I kept getting cut with every further unwanted thought in the direction of this new issue I had. Facing the existence of a unsavoury part of me I had on some level always prayed was not in me, I realised I wasn’t as rational or mature as I always believed myself to be and this hurt deeply.

Owning my contribution to the situation was extremely difficult because I had to admit so many things to myself and the person who had to endure the wrath of my madness. None the less I did because I had to find a way back to the course of my journey to being the best version of me I continuously strive to be.

Yes there is a lot of work to be done and life has once again with its wilful grace reminded me I’m more human than I think.


Humble pie eating competition winner 2012



  1. The joys of life is noticing our flaws way before they become us.

    As we journey on God’s track, which we call our destiny, the curves and bumps, simple mould us.

    Be proud and happy that you learn from your flaws, for many a great people have lost themselves, because they thought they were faultless.


  2. I too have eaten humble pie many (MANY) times!!! The point is to be abe to recognise that part of yourself in order to be able to grow into a better person.


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