Memo to my friends


Now chomi I know when this friendship began none of what I am about to say was discussed or ever seemed necessary but I just wanted to put it out there


I wanted to ask you if we could from now on base our friendship on two fundamental things?…Truth and trust

I promise to return the favour but here is what I’m looking for:

Truth in your words to me at all times in any situation, environment or instance

Truth in that our serious conversations will be filled with heartfelt advice coming from a place of reverence and sincerity

That even when I may be deluding myself you will be strong enough to help me realise the error or misdirection of my ways which ever the case may be


Trust my friend

Trust in your actions at all times that you will not hurt me and I will not have to remind you not to

For you to be responsible enough to think about how your actions may affect me too

Although I’d rather believe that instinctively the last thing we would do is hurt each other


I don’t know if I can impress upon enough how much I need your love for me to be honest

So we can both respect each other and not be jealous of one another

That we will give praise where it is due ,ask for help with no shame, share our feelings in a safe place and empower each other to no end


Now our friendship embodies most of this but I was really hoping we could work on them because if we do then this friendship is definitely for keeps


Thank you chomi




  1. Two fundamental rules of friendship that are often neglected but are very important in building each other and growing together as true friends.

    Nothing more fulfiling than knowing that you can let your guard down and depend on a lovely trustworthy friend who always has your back no matter what. 😉 !!!!! TRUTH & TRUST are the future.


  2. Friends are a family that we chose for ourselves and honesty is very important for any relationship that you sure with those close to your heart. Friends are people whom should be able to let all out and share with in the open without a fear of being judged. So honesty is crucial in a friendship. Love the piece


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