Our Dreams

A dream manifests in minutes but realizing it can take years,decades or even require so much strength and effort,that’s its easier to simply keep dreaming it than attempt to live it. If I could ask God one question it would be “God how many dreams have people abandoned since the beginning of time?” I wonder how shocking the answer would be.

Postponing dreams or better yet our purpose and destiny seems to be the norm. Conversations about dreams goals and destiny could actually be described as awkward. When someone actually has the guts to dream publicly and expose it to the world verbally they could even be called “dreaming fools” I don’t get it.

How can we resolve our selves to living just for the sake of living. Imposing on ourselves lives we were not destine to lead simply because we somehow landed up we are at. Due to a series of events fortunate or unfortunate but unique to all of us all the same. With each of us being the best people to judge if our lives are taking the course we know and believe with all our might is what’s best for us. I don’t want to wake up 40 years from now and not have a single good reason why I didn’t pursue my dreams. That couldn’t possibly be what this one opportunity of a life we have on this beautiful earth is all about.

My concern for dreams,goals and aspirations stems from realizing I’ve only this year begun implementing goals set about two years ago. Yet why I did not implement them then really beats me! But the saddening part of it is that I had been robbing myself of so much in postponing my own plans. What’s been most fulfilling has been trying new things and as a result learning more about myself. I couldn’t explain the euphoric state of mind I’m constantly in because of this even if I tried.

So good friends I say to you. Realize your dreams for there is no reason not to. Wake up everyday and figure out ways to get what you want, fulfill your dreams and dance to a harmonious beat that only you hear on your journey of life and success.

Remember Uhuru is a state of mind!!


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