Everything in the middle no one ever talks about

Honestly I swear life would be more pleasant if we just had a manual. Not like the bible more ABC’s of life. We seem to spend a lot of time waiting for when…..when you finish school ,when you get married ,when you ‘ve saved enough money, when the time is  right when when when …I just want to scream. Then we still have antic dote statements to medicate the anxiousness that is my current state of mind that I’m sure most of us have experienced. “Patience is a virtue” *this one is always said in a weird somber voice* “All good things come to those who wait?”  “Everything happens for a reason”……. No these random statements are not enough anymore, not for me anyway what do they even mean? Shut up and keep on keeping on?

Ok aside from the life manual I am looking for though is there really enough literature and discussion around everything in the middle, between here and there how we meant to conduct ourselves and our thoughts. The journey to fulfilling “ones destiny” (the word destiny I use loosely ) is truly understated. What exactly are we meant to be doing before the “when event” comes about? And if you’re thinking prepare yourself for it ok great and then when you are done?  And the when is still not materializing what then? I need that mantra that’s to keep me sane in these times. This state is almost like an out-of-body experience which when you snap out of and wonder “what happened”? and the reality dawns on you that nothing new is happening same thing that was happening yesterday and the day before that and last month and last year. Fine I get it life won’t always happen the way I want and yes I guess I have to deal.

Well what I’m saying is that in the meantime whilst preparing and waiting for my when thoughts sometime drift into impatience leading to slight frustration and anger. So till my beautiful when comes I’ll just keep busy and in the words of Joe Dirt keep on keeping on.



  1. I also wish life came with a manuel, life can throw stones at u sometimes n no one ever tells us of the challenges ahead as we grow.


    1. Whyyyyyy dont we talk about this enough,I was even starting to think im crazy and that I want or expect too much from life.
      I take comfort in that this is a “normal” feeling


  2. Oh how i can relate! i do however feel that those antic dotes u were referring to are there to keep us all from going insane, they offer us “time” cos without these i reckon many of us would be dwelling on whats not happening now.


    1. I hear you,but I think we doing that already,it just becomes more pronounced at different times for different people.Which is important in some respects because if we dont audit where we at and where we want to be how then would we set goals,make plans and keep pushing.

      Bitter sweet part/phase of life I guess.


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