My Dip

Very recently I read a book by a Mr Seth Godin called the dip. Very short less than 100 pages. It wasn’t really captivating read but I finished it none the less. To me the gist of the book was obvious and made sense.

1. Don’t waste your time with things that weren’t getting you anywhere
2. Stick it out on those that will pay off

Ok that was that fair enough and yeay!! Another book read millions more to go. Weeks pass and the message this short book carried rings louder and louder in my head. What Seth describes as a dip – that phase of difficulty in a certain activity or practice till you master it and are then able to reap considerably favourable returns.

The surviving of a dip truly takes immense discipline and strength,strength I know I possess but still fear the challenges the journey ahead out of this dip may have in store for me. Yet excited because this dip is mine and for certain I am going to stick it out ,it will pay off for me. I just know it.

As I climb mount perseverance!!


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