Exercising freedom

Exercising our individual freedom as different entities with varying backgrounds and circumstances, that make us a part of this very interesting rainbow nation is a topic not spoken of enough.With each precarious topic we exposed to by the media ,discussed on social networks ,spoken of at the office,on the train and so on.Freedom  constantly being exercised opinions blurted out eloquently,sloppily,liked, retweeted,criticised and disputed. I ask is this all freedom is about debate,accusation and insult? is that it?

I have heard it said before that with freedom comes great responsibility. A responsibility that does not entitle you to anger and disgruntled rage alone but also active participation in resolving issues that bring about this very rage, in a progressive manner at that. Progressive for yourself, your community and the future generations that are to inherit this country and the type of freedom we will teach exists. Where is our positive relationship with freedom, innovation and the inclination to shape our own lives at present and in the future for the better as we want it?

When do we destroy the tiers of freedom we have somehow created, that tell us we only free in social settings discussing the ills of our country and world not even extending those conversations to at least include one relevant solution.Then going about our business as if we have no power to initiate the tide of change we envisage for our country.Continuing with business as usual when we have established it does not serve us optimally. I for one am tired of indulging in my freedom as if it’s a delicacy I am only entitled to certain intervals. Our liberation is not to be treated as framed certificate we only look at once  having forgotten its true value is in the application of the knowledge amassed.

We are free all the time,in any situation or environment we simply need to remember this always.With freedom comes great responsibility to be progressive ,innovative and as sophisticated as the society we dream for ourselves. With freedom comes great pain to maintain it and evolve with it.Take your place and carry the baton forward for the future only lies and ahead and nothing will change unless we stand up and do something. Now if you’re not going to wake up and protect the freedom that is rightfully yours and design it to your liking then it will forever remain a delicacy enshrined in our constitution but applied no where in its truest form.



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