Thankful for the women in my life

9th of August Womans day 2012, my day began with an early breakfast with a group of lovely ladies. Good food and good company are usually the makings of a fantastic day for me.As I looked around the table and listened to the conversation I was overcome by a deep sense of gratitude, for having these people in my life. I thought of all the amazing women I have the privilege of calling friends,sisters,aunts,mother and grandmother. Truly I am blessed and can only pray my being in their lives as well adds value to them.

I am thankful to the women whose names occupy space in my inbox,are members of the group chats on my phone and whose numbers are listed in my received and dialled numbers.

You turn bad days into good jokes,trying times into beautiful challenges,put heart breaks into perspective,resize my dreams into attainable goals.

You are my doctor,therapist,teacher, conscious,newspaper,stylist and mirror – for that I thank you.



  1. Awesome motswala! Its an honor to have u in our lives as u r a true inspiration. Thank u for being who u are and for the motivation and encouragement that u give unaware. You are trully a blessing!


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