A dream of the inspired land

Martin Luther King Jnr had a dream of a promised land amidst adversity. The dawn of an epoch where people would not only be accommodated but simply able to be. A place where being who you are is not an exception but normal and certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

I too have a dream

A dream that one day we live in a society that embraces differences and respects the freedom to be. One where our obstacles are not confined to miniscule limitations created in our minds. Obstacles we give the power to be the silent bane of our existence. Where no one fears to speak the unique essence of the thoughts their mind conjures. A perpetual state of mind in which being is being and we all know nothing else other than a life of truly defining who you are as an individual. An existence where the practice of being you would not be subjected society’s unfounded “approval”. Simply because here we can be, live, dream, evolve without worrying that no one else has lived that way, been that proud ,achieved that goal or reached that pinnacle.

A place where stereotypes are challenged and senseless rules broken. Unashamedly obliterated on the basis of them adding no value.  Where we challenge ourselves constantly to follow our passions and accept that no two lives should be exactly the same. And the temptation to borrow another person’s dream and attempt to personify it within who you are would be no more.

In my dream we would call this world the land of the inspired!!


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