Freedom from New Year’s resolutions in our life time

Yes I said it No more new year’s resolutions, they make no sense what so ever and we need to stop it.SO you could be thinking at this point what is her problem? Well here it is the concept of New Year’s resolutions is one that with each year I find increasingly annoying, it sends a dangerous message of when we are to begin new beginnings. The only thing beginning in the New Year is the year that’s it. Not your relationship, business, personality, mindset or LIFE.

So let’s stop with the hullabaloo of “Next year I’m going to gym, next year I’m starting my business, next year I’m trying different things, next year things will change,”. COME ON MAN COME ON!!!!!! Why don’t you sign up for the gym now or better yet get your trainers out and jog?  You’re starting your business…really the one you haven’t even starting planning? You reckon? Try different things why not somer start today? What exactly are you waiting for?  When the clock strikes 12:00 PM you’re not going to turn into Maguyver or  Chuck Norris and start doing all these amazing things…..I’m sorry but you’re not. You know how it goes 1st of Jan till 10th of Jan you now suddenly of the opinion it’s still December, so “naturally” you can’t start with the resolutions.  From the 10th to the 20TH it’s oh how the festive season has cleaned us out. So now your only signing up for the gym in Feb but you ate all that food in December because vele wena you’re going to gym in Jan, and you will be Maguyver so getting rid of the extra kg’s won’t be a problem? Right *shaking my head*. You can’t start your business because well you still need to plan it, but all you know is you’re going to be a millionaire. You can’t try new things because remember your broke or everyone else is broke and you don’t want to try new stuff alone *sigh*. 20th till month end its eish I just need to get into the routine ya spane then we will see where the year takes us and cetrus paribus (all things equal) NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA ok I don’t mean to laugh. I mean we all know loads more examples of the New Year’s high madness

However my thinking is if the items you were going to put on your list were important at all, you would get started on them now or have already been for a while regardless how little you have done. Point  is your commitment would be more serious than a list your likely to care so little about you don’t even jot down, or even if you do you don’t bother to look at again.  Tell me you realize the “New year’s resolution” is an urban legend.  I am not saying at all that setting goals for the new year is wrong , all  I am saying is set goals and make plans to make them happen and start working on them now. Why wait for the New year why press pause on your life for half the year because since the day you gave up on your last resolutions, now you’re going to wait for Next year to start the cycle of randomness again.

Come on we can do this there are plenty of hours in a day for us to revel in the festive season and make the changes we want to make in our lives. Starting today!  Yes I said today! Because parts of who we are do not switch off in the festive season we are still the same people with the same mind , spirit dreams and goals. Any idea or change your ever going to make in life has to start someday, any day a day chosen by you so don’t hold your self-hostage to the  NYS (New Year’s syndrome) and set yourself up for unnecessary failure . Life deals us enough valid failures there is simply no need for us to add more none what so ever.  So go on be merry appreciate what you have decide where you’re going and most importantly make it happen. Remember  “You cannot be with who you cannot BE with” –TC Nkopane this I believe applies in most aspects of life use it dont use it.

So Viva freedom from New Year’s resolutions in our life time *fist in air*




  1. You’ve hit the nail straight on the head. Any dream worth dreaming is a dream worth living. We set ourselves ‘deadlines’ out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of criticism even fear of success.

    As long as the realisation of the goal isn’t here or now, it gives us purpose as we always have the big dream or the awesome idea. Living in the now is liberating in so many ways and we should all rid ourselves of the shackles of fear and live by the old: nothing ventured, nothing gained!
    Here’s to our ‘right now resolutions’ to make 2013 the year we chose it to be!


  2. I have to agree with you. I have never believed in New Year resolutions. I could never understand why must one by reminded by fireworks that you need to do something. If you want to do something I don’t see why it cannot be started tomorrow. I guess people don’t want to feel alone and want to be validated by other people…


  3. Amandla to that!!!!! Never been one to have resolutions, too much energy goes into stating them and less in following through with them. U hit the nail right on the head…Love IT!


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