How we see the world

Time spent moments and thoughts expressed these are the days of our lives. A friend came to visit me what a lovely time we had. I find myself still thinking about a particular conversation we had. I can’t recollect where it began but somehow we found ourselves discussing some of our passions. I write and she is a photographer as she unpacked how she sees the world and feels a need to capture moments. That she sometimes sees moments or settings that remind her of a scene described in a book she may have read or idea she had. I found this to be very interesting since I had never experienced that myself. I see moments that make me wonder what the story is that causes what I am witnessing to be. For instance I see a homeless person and wonder what story they could tell about themselves who they are? What they have seen and how they survived that one day in winter when I was convinced I was freezing to death in my bed with a hot water bottle and heater on. Or just seeing a random person on a bus and wondering what their dreams are? If they would realize them sometimes I hope I can remember their face just in case they made it big somehow and then I would see them on the cover of some magazine and finally know what they dreamt of and how they achieved it.

This conversation thoroughly impressed upon me how we all see our surroundings differently. We could be looking at the same thing but seeing and experiencing it in our own ways. Whilst this is obviously not news I still find it amazing though. It reinforced in my mind how much we don’t really express how we personally understand or view people, objects and situations. Often we don’t get why we for instance have disagreements in opinion because to you this is simple and your mind tells you one thing is the logical/sensible even obvious. Mean whilst another person would completely disagree with you. I wonder if as a person grows older this is always fore of mind and going through life is less challenging or even better.

I guess this is just one of those things that make life colorful but similarly annoying I mean I won’t lie I’ve had moments where I thought how simple life would be if we all thought the way that I did…lol but jokes aside I have. Then sense returns to form and I realise the world wouldn’t be as awesome though. So us seeing the world differently is both beautiful and annoying.
The end!!!


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  1. The world would be so boring if we all saw things the same way. we all see thing differently for a reason.
    Thanks for an awesome weekend.


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