Farewell to the year 2012!!!

Dear friends

As we bid 2012 farewell grateful for all the good that has come from it and humbled by its lessons and challenges we experienced.

Let’s not forget all that this year has contributed in the greater scheme of who we are. Embrace 2013 and MAKE it the year you deserve. Find ways to make a positive differences not only in your life but in your family,work and community. Be nothing less than the change ,good and success you wish to observe in this world.

Soak up this last day of the year,laugh and smile in the company you have chosen. Wake up tomorrow (or when you finally wake for the first time in the new year) and set the tone for the 2013 you want,deserve and need.

Salute to the new year!!


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  1. Too many times I’ve heard people complain the 2012 had kicked their butts, I’ve said this a few times myself. A valuable lesson I’ve learnt from someone who quickly became very dear to me is that we should embrace every opportunity to live our dreams and never be too afraid to step out there and make it happen 😉 I plan to make 2013 a year to remember in any way I can. Any difference I can make in my life and the lives of those I love is a step in the right direction. Let’s not forget to count all our blessings and in the greater scheme we’ll find that nothing really kicks your butt! Be blessed, stay safe all. Much Love xoxo


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