Just before….

As time passes we pray for life’s wheel of fortune throw wisdom our way. With each year what becomes increasingly apparent to me is that our time spent on this earth has to be of value. Not only to ourselves but to the future generations that will one day walk the eroded pavements of the streets we call home, work and take leisure at. That being said I believe our contribution of value must begin from point of unwavering accountability. From each and every one of us in how we live daily.

So just before we settle into this New Year I urge us all to take a moment before acting. Before in anger we begin to scribe open letters of fury to our elders to ask ourselves the following questions: Would I have really dealt with this better? Would I have even cared enough to do something anything no matter how small to change this that makes me “unhappy” ,this that is “not right”, this that I know “can’t continue” ? Do I actually add value to this society I live in? Will I leave this earth having made a positive impact of some sort, somehow, somewhere? Before we tweet 140 characters of criticism, judgment and at times even hatred we consider, how these characters add value in the greater scheme of things? And further spare a thought to the type of society you are molding with your words and attitude.

It is in this state of humility we will get to the greatness we all possess. As in that frame of mind we have no choice but to strive to being the best citizens of the world we can be. You may wonder how though? This is how, when we insist on adding value to the space of the world that we occupy and are committed enough to not only establishing what should be but acting in whichever way that comes to mind to making it what is. By joining a organisations that speak to the issues that concern us, making time to volunteer our hands and minds. Understanding that yes alone we are not likely to change the world but having the tenacity to find others who may share the same passion/interest because together we can achieve much more. The task of making our country the home we want it to be for ourselves, our children and families does not lay in the hands of any one person but all of us. So problems of crime, poverty, disease and all else are not simply problems in our society but yours. Not only from the time crime, poverty or disease finds you in your car or home but from when you are aware they exist.
Many a times we find a mammoth of excuses why we are unable to involve ourselves in our communities. We work long hours, we have families to take care of or better yet “we have our own problems?” Yet we are so quick to judge others for their failure to be what we expect of them. Holding our leaders, teachers, and police officers to a bar we don’t as often measure ourselves against. Yes we all have our jobs and responsibilities but we must realise that the scope of responsibilities is more complex that we may wish to admit. Until we take congnisance of this we don’t really have the right to judge anyone else or even worse pretend we care.

I write these words not excluding myself from the list of people who could be doing more to make this world a better place. I to this world today proclaim my commitment to being an agent of positive change in the ways that come to mind and in as far as my resources and capabilities honestly allow. If you read this post and can earnestly attest to doing your part and more, then SALUTE to you. If not then the time to challenge yourselves to doing and being your best for yourself and your community could not be better. Failing that I shudder to think of how scathing the open letters from our children will be when they call us the generation that saw but did nothing, the ones who knew better but couldn’t do better , the ones who failed to pass on the baton because they long-lost sight of it.

Can we simply remember we are the current tenants of this earth only for a time others will occupy it too, let us leave it better than we found it.


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