How did they do it?

So often I wonder how successful people do what they do. If they are really all that different from me the not yet successful but accomplishing in strides of my own. If there is something I could be missing or yet to realise. What stuff is in them that’s made them invincible to self doubt,criticism and general mediocrity.Same hours in a day as everyone else but able to capitalise their efforts for their general betterment.

It would be interesting to hear of the life changing epiphanies they had. That said to hell with the challenges I may face I’m doing this. So what if I don’t have all I need to get to where I want I’m going there because I will find a way. The goedspa that opened their eyes to see opportunities instead of being okay with the status quo. It would make for interesting learning I reckon.

Life teaches us many things but more on how to simply exist and survive. But not really to thrive and where that is the case often there seems to be some predetermined manner of succeeding. With little room for raw passion to inspire us, where merit is given to finding new ways of accomplishing or attaining success. Hell even the general concept of what success is so narrow it in itself becomes a barrier to success.

Maybe success is just that figuring out your own way to get what you want and deciding if that’s what success is in fact to you.

Reading biographies and other stories about the rich,famous and accomplished. One message seems to echo, the journey of accomplishment is filled with uncertainty and minimal support. The unknown is so feared that being inquisitive and daring seems to be the key to attaining “success”.

Could it actually be that simple I wonder.


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