Lots do all by choice

Where does the time go. How will I manage to do all the items on my to do list. Every week there seems to be more to do.

Here’s the thing though, I’m loving every minute. Ok I lie I’m loving most of it. Somehow I’ve found a number of projects and activities to get involved in. On top of those that I’d already been involved in.

What’s exciting about it all is,I’m doing things I really care about. Mama and I started a South African language blog to teach the basics of Southern Sesotho. We have big plans for it. Our goal is to have lessons on all 9 original SA languages. My sis and I are working on an inspirational website. Focused on people pursuing their dreams. I’m also a mentor for the Bokamoso cross mentorship programme. An exciting initiative where young professionals mentor grade 11 pupils from different schools and backgrounds *I love it*. EXCITING times I tell you. Amidst all this the”lifestyle change” I embarked on last year still continues. So that involves bootcamp thrice a week and tennis lessons three times a month. Last but not least there’s work and the pursuit of excellence and studies. My target is to complete three exams by the end of the year for RPE for equity markets.

Evidently I’ve given up on sleeping. Who needs sleep though. So yes I’m busy but I couldn’t be happier. On that note good night waking up at 4:30 is not for ill rested.



  1. I love this post.
    You’ve become such a motivational force, it is difficult to be anything but inspired!
    Doing things that fulfill you is a great first step. Very happy for you.
    As for waking up at 4:30am… welcome to my world!


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