Thorough blessings

Dear Almighty

I write to you tonight to let you know,I am thankful

Thankful for your thorough blessings. Many of which I only comprehend but a small fraction of. Grateful that your magnificence is profound enough to protect me even from myself.

Each day I learn to understand you better and as result mature into the divine creature you envisaged when I first came to be in you.

You are a never ending timeless book I won’t ever put down. You who bestows upon us a gift so amazing as to allow us to live,be exist. Your particular genius that thought to create us so similar yet different by giving us each a mind,heart and soul is simply awe inspiring

Lord I thank you now

I thank you for today, tomorrow, the day after and especially for the times I’ll be too distracted by own foolishness to be thankful

I thank you for taking away:

The love that was never mine

The dream that I hadn’t conjured

The friend I didn’t deserve

My greed that served no good

And the pain I brought upon myself by choosing to be contrary to truth,happiness and self

Mostly lord I thank you for giving us so much:

So much to accomplish and be a part of

To share ,feel and experience

You are perfect and I appreciate you to ends known to you only




  1. Hi only got time to read this now, you are on another level of Consciousness. I thank God for having you in my life. Amen!!!


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