A cup of tea

A few weeks ago my awesome cousin told me about a High tea society event she attended. It sounded great a time for women to be women. So today I attended my first high tea hosted by the High Tea Society at the Glenvista country club. I expected to have a great time and my expectations were surpassed to my absolute delight.

We were all dolled up hats and all, even those of us who had to raid mama’s hat collection. Thank you mama good looking out. The young ladies that attended the event we not only beautiful but thoroughly inspiring. The type of people who wanted to know who you were and what your interests are and then actually took the time to listen. Numbers were exchanged contacts and possibly friends were made 🙂 . We listened to inspirational talks which shed light on some of the real challenges out there that we may either be fortunate or unfortunate to encounter. At times the information shared was not particularly new but to hear it again in this space made it all the more powerful.

The lady behind the high tea society described the high tea as a safe haven for women to relax and share without fear of judgement. I must say that is exactly how it felt being there. It reminded me of the familiar place in my head where any and everything good and right that I want is possible.A cup of tea with old and new friends was much needed and splendid indeed.









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