Women we are intertwined

She is you and you are her

Glance upon her through the revered lens you grace yourself with

She is you and you are her, we are all intertwined

Help her see the beauty she posses, guide her to understand that her essence radiates from the inside out

Encourage her to acknowledge that the onus of self adoration lies with her first

She is you and you are her ,together we define who women are for ourselves and the nations we shall give birth to through our delicate hips

We are stronger than we seem us feminine creatures of this earth whose role has evolved to only but begin to scratch the surface of our boundless potential

Aspire and propel yourself to heights known only by your true desires,be,live and exist in your own design

We are intertwined so hold the hand of a sister and tell her:

Her existence is more purposeful than just being Mrs Someone/Anyone and that marriage will stem from love and not desparation.That she may not be appealing to many but the one she deserves will love her to the core of her unique ingenuity

Look into to her eyes to speak to her soul and tell her she is never alone because she has you and her well-being is yours too

She is you and you are her


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