Insist and Persist

A radio show, call to my sister and a conversation with friends lands me in an inquisitive ponder on insistence and persistence. Shall I unpack? Ok so I catch an interesting show on power fm where listeners were asked “what would they do if they were not afraid?” I then speak with my sister and we reflect on the week,work,our theatrical family and more. I tell her about the topic discussed on the radio show and we become thoroughly invested in the conversation, see this is a conversation we have regularly and had already prompted us into action in terms of pursuing our dreams. Then finally the week ends and I find myself in the warm company of friends I had not seen in a while. We catch up,reminisce and end up chewing on the topic of comfort zones and general reluctance to trying new activities and embracing the things we truly enjoy.

These three encounters in my week end up sprouting a profound realisation that no matter what you are involved in you are going to have to insist and persist on being in that path,space or situation. So if you are happy with your job for instance you will insist on working harder and continuing to grow in that regard. By persisting to hone your skills you will reap the benefits of being content with your self and your career. However if your unhappy with your job and not doing anything about it that’s unconscious insistence on being in that situation. Continuing in that fashion results in persisting unhappiness. The more I thought about it I realised this applies to relationships as well good or bad you must insist and persist on the reality you chose to commit your efforts to being a part of.

Looking at life,relationships and work in this manner gave me a new invigorated approach to further molding the aspects of my life I am content with to be the best they can be. To not unconsciously insist on being unhappy in the aspects of my life that I need to work on. This simply means I need to work harder at getting exactly where I want to be Id rather use my efforts to impact positively on this one opportunity I have of being on this earth and living the best life I can.

Insist and persist in the direction of your happiness.


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