So many things to be infuriated by…

From the wake of day first news broadcast just the headlines and already I’m livid

Reminded that another is without and in comparison my life is a blessing and I appreciate it ….sometimes,mostly certainly not enough

Whilst I grapple with the iniquity that is our society which I care about deeply when I am not preoccupied with myself,my goals,work,my budget and remembering to make an appointment to do my nails. What do you know all of a sudden I am running late again forget inequality traffic is the real issue and at times the route of all evil.

Second New broadcast and now I catch the full story on the latest corruption scandal that’s reason enough to be pissed off for the rest of the day and lead to road rage incident.How far the devastating impact of corruption reaches.

Ok ok enough of that yes there are at least a dozen things we can be infuriated by at any given time. The reality though is misery,despondence and frustration are a choice. So every day tirelessly we should deal and do our best to do more than just our part and that’s all we control.

So in fact there is just too much to choose to be happy about.


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