Parts of me

Parts of me pushed to war a battle of blame and shame
After all we’ve been here before and the last time we swore we had learnt and wouldn’t be here ever again

Yet some how eyes wide open we are again in the dark abyss of sobering reality

A different part of me says you were foolish to laugh and smile as though pain and ache would never cross your path again you shouldnt have been happy because you know this never lasts this just isn’t meant for you

Another says it’s not your fault these things just happen no one is to blame it just wasnt meant to be, your worthy enough ,sweet enough,smart enough YOU ARE ENOUGH

Another me says shut up! you opened yourself up to this why would you trust and hope even for a moment this is your fault you hurt yourself

Whilst deciding which part of me makes the most sense I hear my own voice say this isn’t pleasant,you may never understand why but you don’t stop being simply because you were not ready for such. Insist on keeping a frame of mind that allows you to be the best person you can be always regardless who sees you in your true essence or not.I repeat this is not pleasant it had its moments take the good note the bad one day you will smile again with no reservation and revel in reverence of precious moments life will still bring your way this is the part of you must listen to.


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