I stood

I stood on mountains and made promises to myself

To pursue a new path of living filled with divine purpose
Where my being would be as truthful,honest and informed as my mind and spirit’s capacity could allow
To be cognisant at most times that I may not be prefered ,understood or even heard once this journey began

I stood between towers where I relinquished all inhibitions

That could prohibit the realisation of my dreams
Stunt the growth of my mind
Disturb the course of this journey that was now all I ever wanted

I stood with my feet firmy on the ground I walk each day, committed myself to this vision over any other

Before I knew this path would cause me

To lose what I hadn’t yet gained
Cry for what I hadn’t yet known
grieve for what hadn’t yet come to be and end

I stand again on the same two feet and remember the promises I made to myself that I will forever remain true to


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