It’s hard to stay sane!

A relaxed Friday afternoon ,conversation,laughter the makings of life’s simple moments of contentment. Random chatter soon finds itself a home to a somber topic.What to us seemed like a ever increasing prevalence in mental illness ,depression and substance addiction. Whilst baffled by why are so many people suffering in this fashion my friend and I found ourselves extremely appreciative of our sanity. I then share a story with Zee about a friend who was a former drug user and according to him pusher as well. Let’s call him friend X, X in conversation one day mentions how he had overcome a dark time in his life where drugs took over and how he had basically come out victorious. I was taken a back by the borderline pompous air that filled the room at the time of this conversation.Almost as if to say in everyone’s eye I made it!!

It was in that moment that I began to wonder why is that being sane or sober minded seemed to be taken lightly.After all being sane,positive minded,happy or addiction free is not only a continuous process but a challenging task. I mean life doesn’t happen to us ,we happen to life (how ironic it was actually X who once said that to me). Let me put this bluntly in a few examples when situations arose and some if us were offered our first line of cocaine or an ecstasy tablet we said no. When negative thoughts crept into our minds we dealt with this there and chose to see reason and hope. When loved ones were lost and we experienced disappointment at work in our love lives you name it, we continue to make a choice to acknowledge the discomfort and pain but still soldier on because we still want to live and strive for contentment. Admittedly we are different as individuals and are thresholds perhaps also equally varied. However we always have a choice and our lack of judgement shouldn’t necessarily make us martyrs.

That being said perhaps normal/sane/addiction free people should also start celebrating our lives as we have chosen to live them. Back the conversation with Zee I continue to unpack my theory that it’s hard to be sane, continuously trying to strike the balance that is our own serenity and ultimately our “sanity”. Zee first cracks herself laughing then chews on my mini soliloquy and begins to agree profusely that life is not necessarily easy but keep at it though… know! Then she says you need to copyright that geez Ntombi your right it’s hard to stay sane.


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