Will this love stand

I wonder whether this love will stand tall enough to weather vicious storms camouflaged as disease,bankruptcy even betrayal

If our fondness for one another will always be informed by respect ,embraced with sincerity ,vigorously colored with a rainbow of passion

Forces that be I pray to thee for there to always be a gust of clarity that our love is not an economic model based on assumptions yielding certain results but a pleasant Culmination of our efforts the sensual manifestion of our hearts …..oh so sweet desires

Goodness may this love stand stern amidst ridicule,egos even conformity.
Enshrined ever so intimately in who we are,
how passionately we love ourselves as one before adding another

Will the words that express our love speak from a podium of conscious choice made each and every day we remain in love

Where even in our most triumphant form on a mountain you searing ibeshu , with Umkhonto in hand .Me kneeling before you sporting I’sidwaba submit my being to you and
You embrace my devotion , pledge your dedication and promise that I am always safe your kraal

May this love stand


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