The journey to a destination

At times the most obvious things are unbeknown to us. I thought knowing where your headed or what you want meant the journey would a little easier, turns out not so much. So some two years ago I head an amazing epiphany and figured out what I wanted to do with myself and the rest of my life…… Awesome stuff ne? …lol

It was one of the most euphoric experiences I ever had. It didn’t come all of a sudden a serious of events lead me to the understanding of what I wanted and needed to do with my life. So I embarked on a journey to bringing this to life made some tough decisions and committed myself to this. Even relocated back to jozi things were happening I was happy and more importantly I was learning,growing truly living.

However now I find myself at an arb point in my journey. Look I knew the road wasn’t always going to be easy or maybe I didn’t expect it to be so challenging. Maybe my contention is this is that I am for the first time in my adulthood being challenged in this way having to keep learning about new and different things that ain’t always fun or interesting but are a part of what is now my bigger picture. My main feeling at the moment is that of being stuck.

Progress is slow and I know it’s because my efforts haven’t been consistent lately. Splitting myself amongst other projects and continuously working on the fruition of a multifaceted dream. A part of me feels like my brain is burnt out. So I’ve gone back to reading novels and poetry occupying my mind differently to what it has become used to which is research,research,google,ask,learn,work,study,gym,research,research…time out!! Change of strategy is needed I need to function at maximum productive again….. Yep new plan is needed the destination is still the same the path to it has to change.


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