Reality of abuse

Abuse an uncomfortable, inexplicable part of our existence. It’s simply ugly.Friday the 2nd of May I celebrated my 28th birthday. I had nothing planned really and my friend says let’s do dinner at least. So we get to it, as I arrive at the resturant whilst still looking for parking I see a couple kissing on a serious note. I quickly snap out of my shocked awkward stare and go about my business.

We have a lovely evening good food, great company and of course a couple of pics later. I notice the happy couple was all of a sudden at the bar still kissing, but now they’d progressed to a slobbery embarrassment. Soon they walk out and it’s clear they’re intoxicated and I could swear that the guy pinched this woman’s arm just above her bent elbow. Look then I reckon ok maybe he is annoyed because she is drunk but hey he was also two stepping so that wouldn’t make sense.

When it was eventually time to leave as I walk to the car, I hear a scream an good God I’d never seen such violence with my naked eye. The same couple a few hours later so different to the passionate lovers they came across as earlier. This man slapped this woman senseless standing outside the car and his lover now victim couldn’t even scream anymore. As she slipped from his grip he kept pulling her up to align her face with the swing of his fist. I stared in shock and fear until my eyes caught with those of a waitress who was just as shocked and terrified. Our eyes returned to this scene and now he had pulled this woman to align her jaw with the thrust of his knee. Now we realised he could kill her.

We both yelled let’s get help. I hop in the car to drive towards the bouncers she runs and we frantically try to explain what’s going on and they responded :we’ve been trying to stop those two they don’t listen….and that was that I left thinking I did my part…praying she didn’t die. I’m not even Sure why I didn’t call the police myself. So now should she have died that night I too am to blame.

I have never in my life witnessed anger in this way. I prayed for this woman ,my sister whose name I do not know that she may survive
this abuse,leave this man,never suffer anything of this nature again.

I hated that that I now know the uncomfortable aura of physical abuse…


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