To my Father Richard Buthelezi

Dear Papa

This fathers day of 2015 I thought it important to let you know what makes me proud to have a father such as yourself.You are truly a dedicated father who has loved and supported his daughters from birth and continue to do so. All of your hard work and commitment to your family is acknowledged and appreciated to ends no words could describe aptly.

As an adult who now understands that life is a series of choices, eternally grateful we are; that you chose to be the father who made sure he was always home to protect his family, to provide for us not only the minimum but for providing abundantly allowing us to know comfort and luxury not many are afforded. For making sure we had the readers digest atlas,animal and story books that saw us through many school projects and quiet days in our neighbourhood. For always being on time to fetch us from school or social events,waking us up at 4am to study or helping us buy cars and deal with repairs even reminding us to renew our car licenses. Most importantly thank you for still being the person we can bounce ideas off of and stratigise our career and life goals with. Your wisdom and financial astuteness has been much needed and appreciated!! These are but a few of the many instances were your love is felt.

Not only are you our father but a role model as well, having seen you live your life with, integrity, humility and kindness has set the greatest example of how one can be great.

Thank you for being you ,you are truly amazing

Papa& NBPapa&N


Love your daughters

Ntombenhle & Buyisiwe


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