Ungovernable stockings, nails and doeks!!

Being a woman is absolutely amazing! We are stunning creatures of this earth, deserving of a planet of our own if you ask me, however earth does just fine for now. Now, in all our glory a woman’s life is often subject to peculiar and indescribable struggles. Today I felt the need to express these challenges, hoping we could together come up with solutions. The list begins as follows:

  1. Ungovernable stockings : Many women are familiar with this particular nuisance, where despite your best efforts of getting an abundant supply of stockings especially those evil black ones! There will be one morning on your way to work where you just won’t be able to find a single pair of stockings to wear. Because only the torn ones you tried to salvage with nail polish are glaring at you. Along with the last new pair you thought you had, but actually forgot they disrespectfully tore the first time you tried to wear them because of your equally rude chipped nail. Till eventually you end up going to work in the hideous blackmail stockings you bought in error two years ago. The makings of a futuristic outfit because the color blackmail paired with a grey dress is the perfect way to find yourself channeling the members of the Star Trek.
  2. Nails: Natural, manicured, homemade or not nails will turn on you.  As nails are destined to chip!….Yeah I said it that is what nail polish is in fact designed to do, despite what we may have been led to believe. If it is normal polish reinforced with an expensive top coat, it will chip, do not even get your hopes up. If you’re sporting acrylic tips most times you will get by but there will be that one time, where one of those nails will fall off and you’re left with your bare gluey nail then you must just face life like that. Through meetings, after work drinks and awkward conversations where you can no longer speak using your hands because your right index finger is an abomination.
  3. Doeks and pantihose: If your choice of evening head protection is a doek or  old pair pantihose you know the truth, these precious and oh so important items have a tendency of going missing. Only for you to find it in the most unsuspecting place like the chair you walked past ten times whilst looking for it. Of course you will find your hair protector once you’ve resorted to using another pair of pantihose, that wasn’t ready to be turned into that or your cool head wrap that you actually rock during the day.

I put these three matters before you ladies so we might speak about them and how we will eradicate them from our lives and hopefully one day we will have a good story tell or at least have healed in some way.

I will return to discuss other pressing matters such as our eyebrows, make up and at times bad hairdo’s and so on and so forth what have you.




1 Comment

  1. I love it!!!! So true.
    Stockings solution : when they tear throw them out, no use keeping them, they are no good… 😕
    I dont know about acrylic, but nailpolish, carry the polish with u wherever you go, u kno for emergencies 😬

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