I’d like more freedom please

As we celebrate Freedom day commemorating the day we got back something that should never have been taken from us. Celebrating a victory to a struggle that shouldn’t have been. Should we even celebrate…..oh well so much has been lost many lives sacrificed in one way or another for us to be here,so let us celebrate and eat cake I suppose.

I agree we have come a long but I would like more freedom. Freedom from inequality ,poverty,illitracy basically all the things freedom was meant to have freed our people from. When so many of our people live abject poverty have we forgotten the urgency of our economic emancipation? Do our leaders look after our interest as they should? All of them I mean each and every one of them, who occupy positions of leadership in our churches, communities,private sector, government and the various political parties?

Do we as citizens adequately hold them to task ? Do we exercise our might to force our leaders to do what is right? We need more freedom as in ngoku haai ngomso! Those of us who are more fortunate please understand each time you see one of your own cleaning the offices you occupy, walking grave distances to work as you drive past, selling fruit on the side of the road or making tea for your meetings that actually that could have been you. So go forth into the world with them fore of mind, when you vote, start businesses, move up the ranks of corporates and break the many more barriers that we still face amidst our alleged freedom. Let us do better for ourselves, our families and the future of our country because I don’t know about you I would like more freedom please! 


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