Fok off “Married Guy” FUSEG!

So recently I met a polite and bubbly mature gentleman. We bumped into each other at a restaurant we were both alone, he asked to join me and we got to chatting. It was cool we had a pleasant conversation ,we exchanged numbers all is well.

So guy starts texting me and begins exposing his age by sending sms’s and signing off “Kind Regards”. At this point I laugh and think well at least his texts are legible…. we text for a couple of days, we do the how are you’s….he starts with the I can’t stop thinking about you business…I think it’s reasonable given how awesome I am and so on.

So I fall unceremoniously ill and he comes to see me. All sweet and about making sure I’ve eaten and and…. So during the visit we start talking and I ask mature fellow so who do you stay with? Then this guy start rambling naming names….hehehehe I’m like sorry who are these people you are naming what are these people to you? He then murmurs my brothers, sisters, wife and four kids ….I’m like this guy! So I say it’s packed in this house of yours do you have room for me there…it must be nice there man it’s a full house! He then gets slightly awkward but mans up and starts saying no… we will have a serious conversation once I am well but there was just an energy between us he couldn’t deny. I say to this father of a clan..My guy I don’t need this type of drama in my life I just want to wake up everyday able to love and respect myself ….so I’m not even sure why you are here when you should be bonding with your family…Nor according to lo baba he needed to be with me because I am sick…Hehehe in life have you ever! At this point I have no f*cks to give and let it rip but amicably still because he was tallish and I wasn’t trying to get strangled in my own place…that time I’m also thinking Ntombi wa phapha why did you let this person come here. Anyway so I say to him whilst you seem to be a nice person I must also ask myself what type of person disrespects his family like this and what could you possibly have to offer me because you have a full-time occupation of being a husband and a father ..what am I to do with you under such circumstances? Guy starts philosophising so deep! Talking about toughtology and how intelligent I am and how we should let things flow…Yoh! I then say to chap I’m tired now and want to sleep…so he leaves happy as can be content with the level of charm he feels he has plastered on me *side-ey20170205_223644e*.

Next day Mkhulu Toughtology is on that what can I bring you for lunch tip at 7 am…fuseg I haven’t even had breakfast anyway I say I’m sorted thanks. He continues texting and I say to him guy I’m good this won’t work for me ( see attached screenshot of our final conversation).

So after my encounter with Mkhulu Toughtology and on the back of a few other married chancers I have come across in life  I find myself thoroughly repulsed man! And just want to say to all confused married men FOK OFF MAN, FUSEG!! Go deal with your empty selves else where. How dare you prey on single women and want to use us as an escape to a life you helped engineer….You are vermin and I would honestly rather be alone than steal moments with another queens partner. Masquerading yourselves as good people who just happen to cheat but it’s not cheating in your world because you are able to love more than one person! FUSEG you are merely a sorry excuse for a person and I feel for the families that have to look to you for truth, warmth and light.

As I purge myself of this pollution through this post I appreciate myself for not settling for the grubby paws of greedy men who pretend to have it all together while their actions scream I am a foolish façade that has no clue how to respect myself let alone others. Tonight I sleep well because toughtology or not I respect myself and others. Also the delightful texts from a single young blooded gentleman who knows what a meme is have me feeling some type of way!

Kind Regards




  1. This predator will just shrug it off and move on to the next one. Sadly another woman will entertain his antics without a second thought….


    1. That’s sad and judging by how he still texted me this morning..our encounter didn’t even cause him to do some introspection..nje Toughtology teaches him nothing !😂😂😂


  2. The most annoying part is that in most cases nathi us woman we alow them in our lives knowing for a fact that they married….. nxm yerrr.


    1. So from a number of people who have spoken with me today some say they discovered after some time that these people are married. The consensus is also that most of these men pursue hard and lay on the charm proper ..and by then it becomes hard to severe ties immediately! …I’m not saying it’s right just sharing the different aspects of this story.


  3. if you need anything at all please call.. we arent enemies? seriously?! so now he’s gonna try to reel you in with ‘stuff’. mxm, sies.


  4. “my brothers, sisters, wife and four kids” the liver of this guy?!?! Its quite sad that this will probably not stop him from preying on somebody else.


    1. Agreed it probably won’t! Because in all honestly it almost seemed like it was merely a formality that he tell he was married…but actually it wasn’t a biggie in Mkhulu’s head


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