Hidden Figures: 1 out of countless untold stories

What a refreshing way to share with the world a beautiful yet painful story of amazing people of colour being great against all odds. A few weeks ago I went into a cinema excited and weary of how this story would leave me feeling. If I reference the turmoil and angst watching Sarafina always stirs in me I was prepared for the worst.  To my surprise this movie was one of the most eloquent depictions of struggle and overcoming I had seen to date, a struggle that should have never existed in all frankness. Any way now that what’s done is done and we are now here as all Africans either in Africa or tragically displaced by slavery, colonization and so on let me get into what I enjoyed the most about the formidable Hidden Figures.

Firstly these ladies were on point all day and literally everyday! Make up √  Dress code √ Shoes √ I mean hell most days it’s either I’m wearing make up and my outfit is suspect or my outfit is on point and I have no make up on. Schucks I’m actually a bit of a mess.  These champions Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson just looked fantastic under rather strenuous circumstances.

Secondly these women were kept and love stayed winning in their lives, how about that! because success and love don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Thank goodness a movie that finally validated that successful woman can be in love and loving.

Then the best part of was that KDM’s (acronym of the ladies first names) minds were simply brilliant and powerful. A power so majestic and awe-inspiring it couldn’t be hidden forever or stopped from beaming change into a world that needed light ever so much. They are the picturesque epitome of Mme Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman.

I’m thankful to KDM for living so honestly so purposefully and most especially for being role models for us and many more to come. A resounding well done to the talented actors, producers and directors who gave their story the attention and respect it deserved.

This movie gets a 10/10 from me 🙂


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